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Upload your waste

Radios, composers, artists and people from all the worlds, free yourself from your waste!

Celebrate life by giving it a new opportunity to transform. Send sounds and any audio you chose to discard, whatever couldn’t be included in your final mix, bits and pieces which didn’t make it in the interview, random recordings you want to get rid of, annoying noises or any sonic elements which you think were wrong or useless or are just filling up your phones, computers, hard drives.

Upload it to WKR.

It will be collected into a database and fed into a composting algorithm which slowly degrades it into sonic fertiliser.

We are working on our algorithm and radio system: we plan to launch WKR in 2023.

How to contribute

Upload your sonic waste by clicking on the upload button (if you are reading this on your phone, scroll down to find it).
Once you give us your waste, you will be asked to promise to eliminate the original file and any copies available.

What kind of sonic waste can you throw into the compost?

All kinds of discarded sounds. For example:
– radio programmes
– recording sessions
– post production cut-outs
– field recordings
– interviews, phone calls, sighs, inappropriate laughter, ehms, …
– voice messages on your phone
These are just some examples.
You might have other sounds we don’t know of!

Formats: mp3, wav, flac, ogg, and anything that digitally plays.

Still not sure what we mean by sonic waste?

Watch our tutorial here:

And yes, it can be an entire song, an entire interview, all your old voice messages.

What will happen to your waste?

Your waste will be added to the sound archive which is constantly emptied by processing the files through the WKR algorithm. Starting from the 4th of October, you will be able to hear your sound on WKR being composted, however we don’t know when exactly.